Take a look at the varying styles and genre of Apps created through the Portfolio selection. The Von Nostrum Games team have pushed the bounds to the limits during the different upgrading of Apple technology systems. As the development platforms become more sophisticated and accessible to the Apple developer, we have encouraged striving towards a more beneficial user need and experience.

At the forefront in terms of indie developers’ creative ideas our Apps (and their concepts) have been picked up and used by larger companies. If you take a look you may be able to guess which ones!?

Due to contractual obligations with clients, we are unable to display more iPhone / iPod / iPad applications at this time. Von Nostrum Games respects client confidentiality, therefore can only show completed projects that have been approved by parties. We do encourage clients to promote their Apps via means and media that they see fit. For more information for those budding ideas please see the Development section.

Portfolio of Current Apps in the iTunes Store