Just when you thought he’d settled down, Leo’s off and running, on a mission to see more than 15 of the world’s favourite (and busiest!) attractions. As always, he’ll need your help to keep from getting hopelessly lost.

Featuring sharp, all-new graphics optimized specifically for your iPhone and iPod Touch, and using a simple-yet-powerful system of controls, search the teeming throngs of the world’s metropolises to find Leo, wherever he’s wondered off too this time.


At the beginning of each level, you’ll be given a full-screen, wide view of Leo’s newest environment. Your task, simple as it sounds, is just to find Leo. But if you think that sounds easy, then you don’t know Leo! He could be anywhere, doing anything, with anyone.

Using controls that are native to the iPhone, you must scan, scroll, zoom, and pan to find Leo in each new exotic locale. But once you do, you can’t rest on your laurels for long, because Leo will be off to his next adventure before you even catch your breath.

Come back to the same city scene in Leo’s exciting trip as the artful dodger is easily lost and will be hiding in new places for you to find him! Be a star and help him find his way out of trouble for all the times he manages to get lost.


Find all five places where Leo is hiding in each city to earn a gold tick!
And who knows…
…if you keep him from getting lost this time around, he might just invite you to come along on his next great adventure…