iAction – where your actions have purpose. The App that helps you take actions to fulfil your goals.
> Personal statement screen to have with you at all times to view and to edit!
> Create long term goals or one-off actions!
> Attach actions to goals!
> Colour coded by area of your life!
> Customisable colour scheme!
> Alarms and repeats for events!
> Customisable views including daily, weekly, monthly and list!
> View past events to create future actions!
> Encouragement to monitor your progress weekly!
> Based on proven psychology methods!

Now with:
> Smart one-way Google Calendar and iCal syncing!
> In-App Tutorial Walk-Through Guide!
> Add target dates for long term goals!
> Direct connectivity to customised demo video and information!
> Attach photos to goals and actions!
> Specific day selecting for events!

Personal Success Stories:

 There are few (if any) apps that take this total life and goal/mission-centered approach and iAction enables me to think about, plan, and do those things that ultimately have meaning in my life. 

Karen, USA

Suddenly I feel that all the small things I’m doing are a real part of something, and I’m excited for the next steps, no matter how small, as I know they’re all important. 

Jack, San Diego

“iAction – the App, which takes you from knowledge of yourself to action to be yourself… “