Think you have what it takes to correctly guess the well known phrase drawn out for you? How will you fare under pressure with a time limit? A game that is fun for all ages, stylish images will envelop your senses from the outset.

Frustrated by some you just can’t remember whilst delighted by others, these images and clips will have you playing game after game. Don’t forget to rate it 5* and comment if you want more images – with a positive response we will answer your wishes!

The high-speed recognition technology implemented allows for alternative answers to your submitted phrases. The correct answers displayed at the end of each round are the phrases most commonly used.

Featuring hundreds of different images and moving clips, the ability to choose ‘beginner’ or ‘advanced’ modes of difficulty, as well as hints should you need them. Also included are a set of achievements for you to accomplish – will you complete the full set?

iTunes reviews
“Doodle heaven in DoodlePhrase…”
“Truly addictive… Awesome App… Couldn’t put it down…”
“There are some moments where it feels genuinely satisfying to correctly deduce a well structured clue or instances when an answer will have you kicking yourself that you didn’t see it…”

NOW with added features of DoodlePhrases Movie Edition.
Can you guess the famous movies sketched and doodled in front of you!?