“…Time is man’s invention…”
The time of the future… NOW…

How will you tell the time during the next Ice Age, with the world held in a grip of perennial winter, and cavemen and mammoths once again roaming the Earth’s surface? How will you convince our alien rulers that you have embraced their ways and reduced the day to units of 1,000?

Of course, no-one knows exactly what the future holds for humankind, but there is one thing that is certain: time will be decimal.

To help you even further, our team of specialist Future Programmers have developed a highly accurate series of scenarios to model how the Earth will look in the future, letting you choose the most appropriate one in regards to the current political and technological situation.

What’s more, sophisticated programming lets you set a timer or countdown so that you can decimally track how long you have stayed on the run from the sentient war robots who have determined that the human race must be exterminated at all costs.

Whilst it is not a time machine in the strictest sense, the Deci Clock is nevertheless the best chance of transporting yourself into the impending Decimal Age and whatever horrors it may hold in store for us.

Calibrated to Central European Time, it is time to throw away your old clock and keep track of time, in the only appropriately futuristic manner – with this new decimal clock…

Download the Deci Clock now to begin tracking time decimally, and let yourself prepare for the future, today!