The complete brainteaser…

Challenge yourself – or others – to this addictive and innovative word and numbers game. Stretch your mind to guess, make and select the words from the available letters in each given round. Scoring is straightforward as you earn one point for each letter in the longest legitimate word submitted. Multiple submissions are permitted so continue to play and attempt to find a longer word. Only beware the ticking timer…

And the puzzle gets more intriguing as you have to use your mental arithmetic skills to plot and calculate a specific, randomly generated target number in the maths round.

In the final round – the conundrum – un-jumble the anagram to spell the correct word!

Whether you are testing your mental agility or inspiring yourself and others, this App provides hours of entertainment for all. Check your own scores against those from around the world with the online scoring service. The unique Wifi mode allows iPhone and iPod touch users to play against one another.

So whether traveling to work, or taking a break from daily life, stimulate and expand your mind with this new App from Von Nostrum Games…
Please refer to the examples for methods in the madness, of the maths round of play.

The App will calculate your equations in the order that you place them on the screen. Furthermore, to aid you in formulating each target number each row acts as a self contained bracket, ( ).

(2 + 3)
(25 + 5)
= 150
(2 + 3)
x 25
+ 5
= 130

iTunes reviews “Love this highly addictive game…”
“Ticking timer has me on edge every game”