Enhance your Zen… Take control of your Chi… Its time for you to hold your nerve and capture an aggravating fly…through the use of chopsticks!

Controls are intuitive, allowing less time for thinking and more time for playing, getting you straight into the action and at it right away. The game has been designed with two easy moving, pressure-sensitive chopsticks that are used to snatch a hovering fly out of thin air. And with clear, crisp backgrounds the user experience is enhanced as one is taken on the journey to become a true Chopstix Master…


The goal is to use a set of chopsticks to catch an agitating fly. You need to trap it as quickly as possible before it can escape. Hold your chopsticks just as you would in real life and be patient to judge the perfect moment to capture your unwanted pest.
When you think the time is right, pinch your fingers together. This will cause the tips of the chopsticks to also come together and grasp at the fly. Be careful though, as you are promoted through the levels the fly’s movements will become stealthier making it harder to catch.

There are two modes of play in Chopstix:

The Grading Game and has its levels in sets of two. In the first stage you will need to capture two flies to progress. In stage two there is only one fly to catch, however, you are only allowed one attempt to “pinch” the sticks together. Your objective is to get the fly in the least amount of time possible.

In the Challenge Game you have a twenty second countdown to grab only one fly. If you catch it in time, another fly will appear just that little bit craftier and faster. Try to beat your score with the capture of each new annoying pest that lands on your screen.

Say sayonara to that fly…and chop it off the screen! May the Winds be with you on your path to be a true Chopstix Master!