Gamers are taken to a new level with this addictive brain teaser.

The 3D puzzle-in-motion draws players in as they strategically move the rectangular game pawn through the maze towards the end “goal space” — keeping an eye out for “pressure tiles” which alter the state of play or the game board’s design itself.

While the goal may seem simple, players quickly find that the precise movements needed to reach the target of each increasingly difficult level require a far-from-simple thought process…

…and therein lies the infatuation.


Maneuver the game pawn through the geometric maze — vertically and horizontally — to find the exact sequence of movements that allows the pawn to drop into the goal space. Players can move up to the sides of the board, but once the pawn crosses over the edge, it will drop into space.

One thing is for sure… This is no mindless board game!

Many levels have “pressure tiles” – blue or yellow tiles that alter the state of the game:

  • Blue Pressure Tiles – could either lift or drop a connecting bridge OR split the rectangular block into two cubes, each of which is to be maneuvered separately, but must be joined in the end to enter the goal space.
  • Yellow Pressure Tiles – can only be landed upon with the rectangular-sided edge of the block or, alternatively, when the block is split into two cubes, as it cannot support the full “weight” of the block.

“Two thumbs up!” NCC Sites
iTunes reviews “…brilliant block bonanza…” “Excellent puzzle game…” “Deserves more praise!”