Due to encouragement from fans of Chokoblok –
…the Von Nostrum Games team has spent hours of sleepless nigths in conjuring up, all new, all challenging levels in the latest release – Chokoblok 2!

Whether you are the type of person that likes to think and calculate every move before making it; or just like getting stuck in and playing on the fly, Chokoblok 2 has been designed for both!

What often looks simple is sometimes more challenging than what you first think. Yet it one gets great satisfaction when eventually finding the right solution to advance to the next level!

Manoeuvre the ChokoBLOK piece around the 3D maze to the exit goal square. The timer and count tracks your actions so the faster you go the better your score…

With new levels come new sensitive special tiles. These change the state of the board to help and hinder your progress, so make sure that you investigate and use them properly!