Math geeks and problem solvers will go airborne over this new release from Von Nostrum Games.

The premise is simple — make sure the planes don’t crash — but the challenge is determining how to do so by removing the fewest planes from each level. Players use the iPhone’s touch screen technology to remove errant planes and, as levels increase, to solve math problems that pop up on the screen.

You will have to be speedy… And conquer any fear of heights…


The goal is to keep your point total as high as possible. For each level, there are an ideal number of planes that must be removed from the screen simply by touching them off.

You’ll lose points for each plane removed over that number, which means you have to carefully and quickly determine which planes are most likely to cause mid-air collisions by calculating the flight pattern of each plane.
As levels increase, the game takes on new dimensions as planes begin to fly at varied speeds and heights.

Adding to the challenge are multiple-choice mathematical equations that pop up at certain levels. You have just a few seconds to solve each equation — and you’ll lose points for each incorrect or unanswered question.

Think fast and move faster to complete each harrowing level. Sharp strategy and quick calculations are essential for this game of skill.

Pilot’s licence optional!