“It’s not just another calendar App – it’s an App with a calendar!”

What looks like a regular calendar is in fact your new personal development, personal growth planner. By breaking down and simplifying the previous steps to get you this far, iAction™ has now organized your weekly targets into a user-friendly interface. Your actions are clearly marked in the calendar for you to easily navigate and interact with in order to manage your time in the most productive fashion. All those things that you wanted to do ‘someday’ and have previously never got done are here being shaped and actualized, one step at a time.

Since you have built up these actions on the foundations of your personal statement, one of the major groundbreaking effects of the construct of iAction is to give you the motivation (as well as the inspiration) to take positive actions on a daily basis via the weekly cycle.

Inspiration is often provided by an external source and can be fleeting. However, motivation comes from ‘within’ and will therefore be more constant. This ever-present attitude results in getting the goal posts that you set for yourself. Furthermore, it is acknowledged by academics and professionals in psychology, that inspiration can often lead to ‘burn out’ whereby continuous new highs are needed to reach the same level of inspiration; motivation on the other hand does not rely on this, nor does it lead to ‘burn out’.

“Vision is a picture of the future that gives passion in the present.” – Dr. Les Parrott

iAction Calendar

Motivational Story

iAction – striving when the going gets tough

There is a very important message, which needs to be stated at this point. Whatever self-help, personal development and life-coaching techniques that you have read or been taught, the matter of most essential essence is that of doing things when you are lazy, tired or caught up with others things on your mind. The great personal coaches that you find will be the ones who will constantly motivate you to keep on going, keep on plugging away to make sure that you reach and succeed in your drive to your achievements. Whilst this App cannot substitute for a live individual, we can maybe illustrate this with a short story that an incredible character once told me.

On first glance I was drawn to this person. He was one of those people that you just know are honest and caring, and has always got something remarkable to share. So what could I do in the situation but to ask for a pearl of his wisdom…?

He related the following story: There were once two guys out in a city that was new to them, who were walking together in conversation. As they approached to enter the hotel where they were staying a lady nearby was also moving to get inside. So one of the men opened the door for her to allow her to walk in. She did so without a moments notice of the respect paid to her and carried on her way in a nonchalant and dispassionate mode. The guy who had opened the door for her started to become angry and frustrated that his good deed was met with no appreciation. He turned to his friend and remarked how dissatisfying and unpleasant such behaviour was and that he was upset to have even done it for the woman. His friend replied back to him and said: Ahh, but you must remember why you opened the door. You did not do so for the gratifying ‘thank you’ that should have been said. You opened the door for you to become a better person.

If we can remember this when times are a little under the weather, we will do well in progressing in our development of ourselves to accomplish the important things in life.


iAction Calendar Archive

Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other. – Walter Elliot

iAction – changing the world, one iPhone user at a time…

The unique feature of the App – the difference which makes a difference – is the Weekly Organisation. This is an alarm that will ring each and every week, at a time that you will set aside for yourself to arrange your upcoming week by entering new goals and actions into the Calendar.

With the structure of the App in place the Weekly Organisation is the time when you plan your forthcoming week. Be sure to decide a specific time that you know you will have a few minutes alone for the purpose of organising your priorities each and every week, for the coming week. Select the Archive button to check previous goals and actions, create new actions for specific goals, and track task completion performance in general.

The Archive is the setting for you to both review the past week and see the goals you have accomplished, as well as plan the forthcoming week. Every week, the idea is for you to set yourself at least one action for each goal, add it to the calendar and then, most importantly, take action to complete them!

Remember, these are things you wouldn’t ordinarily do, but are now committing to be proactive in actions that align you with your Personal Mission Statement.