• Doing things without direction…
  • Resolutions fizzle out…
  • Frustrated by current circumstances…

  • Your actions have purpose
  • Gain motivation to keep going…
  • Enjoy a better quality of life


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iAction speaks louder than words

  • iAction is the revolutionary new way to tailor and simplify your daily and future tasks!
  • Personally control and drive your busy daily schedule the way you want to!
  • Make time to enjoy a longer and better quality of life – to have fun doing the things you really want to!

iAction is the real productivity app

  • You WILL be taken on a step-by-step process to help you identify what you want, and base your goals around it.
  • You WILL create your vision based on your passions in life, and will carry it with you wherever you are.
  • You WILL determine the actions you need to take to reach your vision.
  • You WILL create a weekly schedule to achieve the goals you truly desire.
  • You WILL be guided to transform these goals into actions.
  • This WILL be the first and only goals-oriented calendar you check to plan your week.

iAction is the iPhone App which helps you manage your time and energy in a focused manner for the purpose of achieving those ambitions and aspirations in life that are truly important to you. The App is designed, to help you help yourself.

  1. iAction has all the essential features to combine your goal setting and goal reaching needs:
  2. Personal Statement screen to have with you at all times to view and edit!
  3. Create your goals, and split them up into your manageable actions!
  4. Colour coded by area of your life!
  5. Customisable colour scheme!
  6. Alarms and repeats for events!
  7. Customisable views including daily, weekly, monthly and list!
  8. View past events to create future goals!
  9. Encouragement to monitor your progress weekly!
  10. Based on proven psychology methods!
  11. More features to come….

The framework for your purpose, your responsibilities, your objectives, and turning these into action is set out in a simple-to-use, clear format. Keep track and stay alerted to your long-term targets as you now take them with you on your mobile iPhone device – making it easier for you to gain the satisfaction from achieving and accomplishing the meaningful things in life.

iAction Tutorial Walk-Through

Success Stories

One of the best things I like about it is that it doesn’t simply focus on some “random” to do list… instead, it enables me to look at all of the actions I plan in light of my overall mission in life and what it is I want to accomplish. Thanks again for such an outstanding “tool”!

Karen, USA

Just reading what I’d written about what I wanted, has helped me enormously in keeping focused on what I actually want, and has helped me start to take steps to get there. Suddenly I feel that all the small things I’m doing are a real part of something, and I’m excited for the next steps, no matter how small, as I know they’re all important.

Jack, San Diego, CA

iAction the difference which makes a difference

Example of iAction in use: (In conjunction with Easy Ear Training)

Maybe you always wanted to play he guitar and never got round to it… Maybe you even bought one, but became dishearten after a few months – not being able to tell the notes apart, possibly thinking you are tone deaf…

Perhaps you have started to learn, only find motivation to play every day for extended periods of time difficult.
If you have a real desire to play the instrument and in your Personal Statement you have included notions of expanding your horizons, improving yourself and the importance that culture and music is to you – playing the guitar will certainly be reflected in your Roles and Goals.

As shown in the tutorial video, you add your Roles are based on your Personal Mission Statement. Here, let us add guitar player under the ‘Hobbies’ category. We’re going to make the first Long Term Goal passing grade 8. This begins with just two Short Term Goals:

✦Learning chords (next week set up a repeating Short Term Goal for practicing chords!)
✦Training yourself to be able to play music by ear.

Train yourself to become more musically in tune with Relative Pitch. The App that opens the door to learn interval training, boost musical talents and increase confidence. Even without understanding music theory, through training and testing yourself with this App you will find a tremendous learning curve experience.
Relative Pitch customer:

“I used to think I was tone deaf, and it seems I just needed better and more frequent practise.”