So you’ve got a great idea…
How do you put it into development?!

You are not the only one – everyone has got a great idea!
In our experience from speaking to other designers and developers, as well as the Apple iPhone enthusiast, each person knows that there is something extra that can be delivered from their Apple device. It may be something to make their regular day that little bit easier or more exciting… Whether it’s another utility or an App with a comic value to it, Von Nostrum Games is here to help you along the way.

Idea Development

Our initial consultation is gratis and we encourage all those who approach us to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for both parties peace of mind. As you discuss your ideas and flesh them out what normally happens is that there is more cool stuff that you want your App to do! It’s all part of the process…

Capability Assessment

After our preliminary discussions, we will create a short report about the App idea and how you want it to work. This will form the basis of the intended project and demonstrate that we have understood your idea. This is most important and something that other companies do not do…
Spending that little extra time at the beginning of the project will save you time and money in the long run. The more we can plan for from the outset will allow the scope and framework of the coding to encompass the elements that you need – however, should things be added at a later stage in development it can mean restructuring the whole basis of the programming. It makes sense to admit to some short term pain for long term gain!


Probably the easiest part of the whole assignment! As we enter formal mutual agreement, the Von Nostrum Games team will attend your needs in understanding our commitment to you and your App. We do try our best to make things as transparent as possible in order that everything goes smoothly throughout the term.

Design and Development

You can relax… Our team of experts are on your case. We will provide designs and versions of the application during varying stages of development so that you are up to date with the App. Of course, we will expect your input, comments and feedback so that we can make sure that you get the final product that you want. Correspondence and bug fixing to get everything perfect is included in the package deal.

Submitting and Uploading to the App Store

Now you are ready for release… As part of the development team’s prerogative is to create an App that complies to Apple regulations so that you have an Application to be accepted by Apple onto the App Store. We can set up your own private account so that you are in control of all further aspects and analysis of your App when it goes live to the world.

It is not a complicated procedure. After many queries about how people can actually have their own App made for them, we decided that you may as well be able to find out for yourself! If you do have more questions or are interested in more details please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We look forward in bringing your ideas into reality – and for you to have the satisfaction of seeing them live on the App Store!