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Company Formation

Von Nostrum Games is a London, United Kingdom based Apple (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) App development company, specialising in gaming Apps. Founded in 2009 by brothers Danny and Roni Stone, they have taken a mutual love of all things “problem solving” and turned it into a thriving young business. Von Nostrum Games is dedicated and committed to making games that lead the field in challenging not only one’s mind, but one’s dexterity at the same time.

Company Vision

Not content to develop yet another mindless App, Von Nostrum Games has set out to provide the iPhone gamer with a fun, innovative and exciting range of games that will grow to fit and challenge the player’s skill level. Already established in the iPhone gamer world, with such intriguing games as Conundrum, Air Command and Chokoblok, Von Nostrum Games is quickly garnering the attention not only of gaming addicts and amateurs, but everyone from parents, who appreciate the problem solving skills taught by these games, to the media.

Being owned and operated “within the family”, allows the Stone brothers to express their creativity, and think outside the box when it comes to developing new applications. This ability to work together, and brainstorm, has given Von Nostrum Games the opportunity to enter into many genres in the iPhone gaming environment. Furthermore, with this mindset and using their boundless creativity and unique skill set, Von Nostrum Games is able to open up doors that would otherwise be closed to traditional software development companies.

Raising the bar on the quality of iPhone games is the watch phrase for the Stone brothers. These creative brothers are often just one step out of production of the last game before their minds start turning with ideas for the next App.

With this ‘can-do’ attitude, Von Nostrum Games already has six successful gaming Apps in the market place, and more in various development stages, coming soon to an iTunes store near you. Keep posted on the release dates for the new up-coming Apps…

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+44 (0)7968 266 920
info (at) vonnostrumgames (dot) com

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Meet the Team


Danny Stone

– Director
“Just when I thought I was out… They pulled me back in…”



Roni Stone

– Director
“Two nights ago my iPhone ate over 30% of the battery! Was I playing games in my sleep?!”

Ruby Caplan

– Accounts Manager
“The world is a code of numbers – ones and zeros…”

Gina Goorwitch

– Creative Consultant
“I need a PA – with good emailing music experience…”