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A New Dimension to iPhone Apps

Bringing you a new dimension to iPhone Apps, with unique and innovative ideas for your iPhone and iPod touch. Using the latest technology Von Nostrum Games is here to provide both the avid and recreational user the addictive, Apple, gaming experience. Applications are developed in a wide variety of categories, so there is sure to be something for everyone…


Innovative and Direct

With many Apps on the market we have continued to produce concepts not yet seen in the App Store.

All have the user in mind, easy to pick up and play, so that there is less time for thinking and more time for playing… No matter your preference, try them out and let us know what you think.


Making a Difference

We are always keen to hear from new potential sources, so whether a budding artist, or you just have a cool idea, get in touch and we will strive to work together to make your idea into reality.

Take a break from the hectic routines in life and try out the Apps…

Portfolio Selection

  • Retro Quiz Game

    By revealing the squares you will see an image from a video game...


    iAction – where your actions have purpose. The App that...

    Chokoblok 2

    Due to encouragement from fans of Chokoblok – …the...


    GAME PLAY: Think you have what it takes to correctly guess the...

  • Conundrum

    The complete brainteaser… Challenge yourself – or...

    Air Command

    Math geeks and problem solvers will go airborne over this new...

    Deci Clock

    “…Time is man’s invention…” The time of the...


    Gamers are taken to a new level with this addictive brain teaser....

  • Lost Leo

    LEO’S AT IT AGAIN! Just when you thought he’d settled down,...


    Enhance your Zen… Take control of your Chi… Its time...

Why is Von Nostrum Games in the game?


Grasp it now!

The Von Nostrum Games Team has been in the field since the beginning of the trend for the fashion for Smart Phones. We believed that this was the future of public communications and took the positive steps in starting a development company to serve the interests of budding creators.


A class apart

Need we answer the question?! To date the iPhone and other Apple related products dominate the user-friendly experience that the general public have when using their devices. It is a testimony to the expert engineers and programmers that we are able to benefit people through the medium that they have established.


Do they stop?

We have been fortunate at how little time has been needed to come up with awesome and innovative ideas in making use of the Apple iPhone. Riding the wave, we have seen the high street named companies imitate the way we have done new things before becoming popular!


Hands on!

With the latest releases our Apps have taken on a different approach. iAction is the App that will get them unknowingly and comfortably doing things that they really want to in life. Not a party planner or a glorified ‘to-do’ list; rather it’s the framework and focus towards achieving meaningful goals…